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Film & TV Credits
Title,Part, Company, Director

Hill 16 (Indi Feature Film)*, Cavanagh, Bluebridge Pictures, Dermot Doyle
Podge and Rodge (RTÉ) Brother Z.Z. Productions, Julian Hillds
Primetime (RTÉ), Senior Council, RTÉ, Niamh O’Connor
Ella Enchanted (Feature Film), Giant, Miramax, Tom O’Haver
Mobs in America (TnaG),  Frank Sherran, Abu Media/TnaG, Dathi Keane
Hidden History (RTÉ), Gen. Byrne, Mint Productions, Darragh Byrne
No Laughing Matter, Floor Manager, RTÉ, Nick Renton
Life Goes On, Delaney, Aficinado Films, Alan De Pelette
The Headmaster (Indi Feature Film), Connolly, Royle Productions, Brendan Russo
Mountbatten, Braeburne, Below the Line, Various
Cracking Crime (RTÉ), Supt. Colleran. Stirling, R. Haybeard
Slots (RTÉ Short), Raider, Hawkeye Films, Cian McGonigal
Whistleblower, Dr.Rayburn, Fairstreet TV Productions, Dermot Boyd

August 2010-500 Gerry Wade FL-500 edgar-alan-poe

Title Part Company Director

Loot, Truscott, Troupadour, Mark Nagle
Abused Together, Jim Gutter Theatre, G.Watts.
My Boy, Elvis, Vernon-Nixon E.P.G.C., G.Twamley
Plaza Suite, Sam Nash, B.B. Productions, P.Kelly
Bloomsday, Leo Bloom, Joyce Centre, Martin French
Jack The Ripper, McQueen, Bluemoon, Dave Byrne
The Sopranos Last Supper, Paulie, K and B Productions, Graham Watts
Garbage the City and Death Kruse, Peter, Plastic Theatre, J.Mulcathy
Ariadne Auf Naxos, The Musician, Opera Ireland, Diter Kagie
The Day They Shot John Lennon, Morris, Curtain Call Productions, Suzanna Caprana

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